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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Midnight run

Well, we made it almost 20 weeks this time without any kind of emergency room visit. We had broken our own record!

I'm sure you can guess where this is going ... last night I had a killer headache and then my heart started racing and I felt sick. After about 3 hours I decided that I needed to get checked out in order to rule out any serious problems. It wasn't anything in particular that prompted me to go, it was the combination.

We went to the ER in Columbia City because that's where I'll be giving birth (just a preference to go to that ER, not required). After about 2 hours and lots of monitoring they determined that the baby and I were ok. They offered me a shot for the pain, but I didn't take it. I wasn't there for pain management, I was there to make sure all was well. I did buy some Tylenol on the way home though.

The conclusion is that I'm pregnant (heh) and also that I need more rest/sleep. FINE. I'll get more sleep.


About the hospital ... the nurses were incredibly nice (which is important because we all know that nurses are the ones that actually run the hospital) and easy-going. The rooms aren't as big or cushy as the ones at the last two hospitals I delivered at, but they are new and clean. I was surprised at how small they were but I'll be recovering from surgery so let's face it, I won't be needing room for aerobics or swing dancing in there anyway.

I'm soooooo excited to meet this baby. November 1 is probably the delivery date ... 134 days to go. This pregnancy is flying by!


So, I was all "Waah. The room's kind of crampy"

Then I ran across these pictures


Present day, Manila
Brings things into perspective, huh? I'm suddenly feeling very grateful.

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