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Saturday, February 4, 2012

And the results are in ...

As I have suspected for a long time I have some food sensitivities. I had some more testing done recently and the winners are:

A bunch of grains

We decided that I would cut out all grains for now and begin adding them back in one at a time, beginning with oats (most people can digest oats) to see which ones I can tolerate.

I'll go back in for another test in a few months to see if things have improved/changed. It's crazy to think about how many people out there are walking around with major food sensitivities without even realizing it ... unexplained fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, difficulty losing weight, depression, anxiety and the list continues.

My advice?
Get tested ... by a naturopath (ND), of course.

Also, I am giving a brief testimony about Freedom Group in all three services tomorrow. Eek, I hope I don't trip on the stairs!

Aww. I ran across this picture this evening.
Baby Mazie and Nate when he worked on the farm. 

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