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I'm a work in progress. I'm a mom to two, soon to be three, awesome kids that have taught me things I didn't know I needed to learn. I'm married to a kind and handsome man that I genuinely love to be with. I like to be around interesting people and enjoy learning from others. I'm quirky, energetic, have a glass that's usually half full (of wine) and am spontaneous when it fits into my plans. My life is much slower than it once was and even though I sometimes miss the old days, I never take these new days for granted. So, I've given up alot of things in order to give more of myself to my family ... and they better appreciate it. I mean, I expect nothing in return for my selfless love.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our walk on Sunday. We have an escapee!

This week has been different. As in rather strange ... not necessarily in a bad way, but still ...

I've been spending alot of time at my parents', helping them put their house back together after putting wood floors down and painting the entire first level. I think it looks really nice and I'm so glad I can help them out. Organizing and working at a fast pace is my forte. My mom's? Not so much. :)

Because of helping my parents I've been away from home alot. I always feel a little discombobulated when I'm not at home. (I just felt new baby move :) ) Yesterday I was gone until about 9:30 because I had Freedom Groups. Speaking of Freedom Groups we learned some VERY exciting news last night ... possibilities of combining with another local church, expanding our ministry, etc. We were given an amazing compliment about how well we are doing and how effective our groups are. I'm so honored to be a part of this. Right now there are only three female leaders (Sarah, Lisa and I), but it looks like we might need more!

New jammy pants from my friend Beth

I spent much of the afternoon crying off and on. I think my hormones are a little wacky. This morning at Owen's both girls had a melt down ... especially Mazie. It was nuts. I don't know what the heck happened, to be honest. I was SO embarrassed and felt so deflated. On my way to Ft Wayne (I had an appointment with Ann) I called Nate and cried really hard. I felt better after processing things with him (putting that counseling degree to good use). When I got back Mazie ran out to the car and said, "Mommy!!! I'm so glad to see you!!!" Ah, melt my hurting mommy heart!!! Tomorrow morning we're going to go on a date and then run errands together. :)

My appointment with Ann was encouraging. She told me that I was right on track with eating "normally". We talked about "good" food and "bad" food and she tried to convince me that there is no "bad" food. Er. Come again? She sent some homework with me about it so we'll see how that goes. I told her that I really want cheeseburgers right now (pregnancy craving? I don't know) and that I was worried that I'm falling off the cheeseburger deep end. We talked about how I'm not binging on cheeseburgers, in fact I often only eat half of it (with only half the bun. wheat=sad) because I feel full and that I'm only eating them when I'm hungry. She said that was normal and that I shouldn't feel guilty. I told her a cheeseburger wasn't a salad (she acted so surprised ... lol) and she said, "You will want a salad again and when you do that's what you'll eat. For now, you want a cheeseburger and so you're eating it with mindfulness and in moderation. You're on the right track!"
Eating should be simple. Blergh. I'm determined to beat this and to just be NORMAL. I want my children to have healthy thoughts and feelings about food and I need to be an example to them.

So much to work on all the time. :)

And now I've probably said too much.

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Christie said...

Those jammy pants look comfy!!
I like your dietician's approach to food. I don't think I would ever be able to stick with a diet that excluded most of my favorite foods. I do intentionally avoid as many processed foods as I can, though... I can do pretty well eating in moderation until I let myself get addicted to a certain junk food. I took Davey grocery shopping with me the other day for the first time in a while, and he wanted everything he saw...after saying no about 50 times I began to realize how many things I don't even let myself notice.