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Friday, May 25, 2012



As Nate walked across the stage I yelled, "Yeah, Baby! Yeeaahhh!" and then I cried.

See his honor cords??!!

Family pics

Advisors and school friends
Time for presents and cards
My parents got him a Grace College frame for his diploma but the matte wasn't with it so it was just a really expensive, empty frame ... waawaaaah.
(They did get the matte and the dimploma has been framed)
I guess watching Nate read cards bored the life out of his dad.
I think he fell asleep there in the background. I swear, those Wessels' can fall asleep anytime, anywhere ... it's a gift that many would love to possess.
It was such a great day. So many people came to his open house. You'll just have to trust me on this one because I didn't take any pictures. :( We really appreciated all the people that came out to help celebrate!

I was going to write about all the sacrifices we made for this day to happen ... especially that first year. Ouch. But, I'll just leave it at this: we never gave up. Nate was committed and he saw through to a long-time dream. I'm so proud of him .... I'm also really thankful to have him back :)

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