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Friday, November 2, 2012

How do you pronounce that?

Apparently Bjorn is a very difficult name for people to figure out. We're changing the spelling to an alternate spelling Beorn.
We're both a little sad about it, but we don't want him to go his whole life trying to explain his name to people like Nate and I had to do yesterday. Again and again.
I guess we thought people were much smarter than they actually are.
Haha, I kid. Sort of.


Christie Wessels said...

Aww. The four adults in this household were all on your side... you should spell it the way you like it. People even have trouble with Lana. Every doctor / dentist office mispronounces it when reading it from the chart. I think names have become so unpredictable that anytime there's any doubt, people are going to ask. It does get old, but everyone who knows you will quickly learn.
Either way you spell it, it's a cool name, and he's a beautful boy!! <3

Stephanie said...

Heh, but then you're going to confuse the people who do know how to spell it! Either way, after the first few months everyone will be used to it.

Susan said...

Stephanie, don't worry ... there apparently aren't that many of you ...