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I'm a work in progress. I'm a mom to two, soon to be three, awesome kids that have taught me things I didn't know I needed to learn. I'm married to a kind and handsome man that I genuinely love to be with. I like to be around interesting people and enjoy learning from others. I'm quirky, energetic, have a glass that's usually half full (of wine) and am spontaneous when it fits into my plans. My life is much slower than it once was and even though I sometimes miss the old days, I never take these new days for granted. So, I've given up alot of things in order to give more of myself to my family ... and they better appreciate it. I mean, I expect nothing in return for my selfless love.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just ... stuff

Cakes got her hair cut on Sunday night ... by me so don't do any close inspections. She's starting soccer soon (soccer mom!) and needs her hair out of her face so she can see where she's going. She loves it, but Nate is still in mourning. I think it's ridiculously adorable.


I gave myself a pedicure last night. Just because. After the girls were in bed I ran to Walgreens for some Epsom salt and when I mentioned to the cashier that I was going to do a home pedi she said, "Can you still reach your toes?" Yeah, good one. Hilarious.











Anyway, if I we're charging myself I would have given myself a discount for not coloring in the lines.

Sad Toe
Now let's focus in on what I refer to as Sad Toe. Sad Toe came about before I was pregnant with Freya and running a lot. My nail become weird and black due to the running and has yet to fully recover ... as you can see, it's deformed and tiny. I stubbed Sad Toe a couple of weeks ago and it's still bruised. Sorry that you have to be so ugly, Sad Toe.

Bowl o' sugar
Today I was eating a bowl of corn and as I neared the end I wondered about what it was that I was actually eating. So, I did a little research (because I know how to have big fun during my free time) and discovered that corn is actually one of the worst grains nutrition-wise. You may be thinking, "Corn is a grain?" Yes, yes it is ... although here in the good ol' USA we consider the whole kernels to be a vegetable. Because, um, .... I'm not sure. Basically what I ate was a bunch of starch and sugars and not a lot of nutrients. Corn, how you deceive.

This corn was locally grown without pesticides and with lots of love by Nate's aunt so it's all ok. I also ate some cottage cheese and a blueberry. This pregnancy makes me eat weird combinations. I actually haven't been very hungry for a few weeks. Two different people have asked me if I've lost weight ... obviously not looking at my tummy.

And for the record I CAN REACH MY TOES.


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