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I'm a work in progress. I'm a mom to two, soon to be three, awesome kids that have taught me things I didn't know I needed to learn. I'm married to a kind and handsome man that I genuinely love to be with. I like to be around interesting people and enjoy learning from others. I'm quirky, energetic, have a glass that's usually half full (of wine) and am spontaneous when it fits into my plans. My life is much slower than it once was and even though I sometimes miss the old days, I never take these new days for granted. So, I've given up alot of things in order to give more of myself to my family ... and they better appreciate it. I mean, I expect nothing in return for my selfless love.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The good with the bad

We haven't been over to our friends' house for a bonfire in a very, very long time. Actually, the last time we went over was during the "burn ban" so we just threw a bunch of flashlights in the middle of the pit. Not exactly the same effect, but we tried.

(photo stolen from Adam)

SO, we were supposed to have a fire with a bunch of awesome people ... really excited!!!! Been planning for a while. Bought the snacks. Washed my yoga pants! Hired a sitter. Woohoo!!!
But, no.
Freya has decided that she doesn't want to be left alone to sleep. Ever. :( Unfortunately, we don't live in a one-room hut or else that would work out great.

We decided not to go out tonight after all.
Here we sit. At home. No bonfire. Sad child. Ruined plans.
I'm crying. Freya's crying. Nate's eating chips ... but I think he might be crying on the inside.

The selflessness of being a parent never ends. It just never ends.

Here are some pumpkins to lighten the mood (all grown by my father-in-law):

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