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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The weekend

Mazie had her first soccer game. She was so brave and excited. She ran up to me on the side lines three or four times throughout the game and said, "I love you", hugged me and ran back to the field. I nearly died it was so sweet.

Freya kept waving at her and yelling, "Hi, Mazie!!!"

I cried a tad, it's ok, I admit. I just never thought my life would end up this way. :)

On to the pics ...

Mazie had her fourth birthday party on Saturday evening ... FOUR!?!!

Scored some sweet princess garb
Nate's youngest bro and his lady
Flower fairy cupcakes
Nate's grandma and Aunt
Birthday girl!!!

Then on Sunday we went to Nate's Aunt and Uncle's for brunch. We came back to my parents' for dinner on Sunday night and then headed home. Monday my mom, my aunts, the girls and I went to the Wakarusa Dime Store and then Target.

(Mazie got to wear her new princess get-up. You're only young once! I love Freya's little face ... she is just the cutest!!)



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Christie Wessels said...

ADORABLE pictures! Yay for Mazie's first soccer game!! We went camping last weekend, so the boys missed their first games. This Saturday will be the big day for them. I LOVE Mazie's haircut.