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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hospital tour

I went in for my hospital tour on Monday ... it was soooooooooooo good. The nurses are VERY in tune with all things natural and the feel of the place is so relaxed. Even though this is a scheduled c-section, they will try to make things are normal as possible.
They strongly encourage breastfeeding right away and suggested that Nate do skin-to-skin contact with the baby while I'm in recovery.
When I'm back from recovery they have what's called 'Family Hour' where they will dim the lights, play a lullaby CD, allow Nate and I to bond with the baby, for me to nurse and so on. How cool is that?? Nate and I are going to cry alot during this time. Ahhh, the experience is so surreal!

It's very zen-like there. Oooooohhhhmmmmmm.

She also told me that Dr. Harrison's patients (that's me!) don't usually have much pain after surgery. Probably because Dr. Harrison isn't a maniac that's been turned loose with a hacksaw like my last Dr.

I have a good feeling about this one. I'm SO thankful for my two healthy children and am praying for another healthy child AND a wonderful birthing experience this time around.

Oh, and my sister is flying up from Florida to be here!! The girls will stay at my parents' with her and my aunts for the weekend and everyone is going to focus alot on Mazie and Freya so they don't feel pushed aside and left out. I want this to be a fun, happy experience for the girls as well!

14 more days!!!!!

p.s. I realize that there is still a possibility that this baby has Down Syndrome. We are at complete peace with this. Complete peace.

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