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I'm a work in progress. I'm a mom to two, soon to be three, awesome kids that have taught me things I didn't know I needed to learn. I'm married to a kind and handsome man that I genuinely love to be with. I like to be around interesting people and enjoy learning from others. I'm quirky, energetic, have a glass that's usually half full (of wine) and am spontaneous when it fits into my plans. My life is much slower than it once was and even though I sometimes miss the old days, I never take these new days for granted. So, I've given up alot of things in order to give more of myself to my family ... and they better appreciate it. I mean, I expect nothing in return for my selfless love.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend recap

Friday: We rented The Avengers, but I went to bed before it was over ...

Saturday: Mazie played in her soccer game. And by played I mean stood on the sidelines and cried? We left at half-time.

The girls stayed with my parents (they went to see Angelina Ballerina) while Nate and I went to Illinois to visit his family. THREE hours of uninterrupted conversation, folks. We got all caught up on the last six months ... AND we both went into the gas station at the SAME time. No taking turns. We even held hands as we crossed the parking lot. It was like we were in our early 30s all over again!

When Nate and I got to DeKalb we went to Caribou Coffee for old time's sake. I can't believe that just five years ago we were sitting there planning our wedding. We then went to the pumpkin stand (where we got married!!) and met up with Nate's family from Michigan and his mom and dad. It was such a nice fall day.

Uncle Dave and his lady, Debra ... whom Nate says is "one fantastic lady"
She is the perfect match for Uncle Dave! (he lost his wife a couple of years ago)

 Hey, there

Debra and Nate's dad building the pumpkin man

Way back there in the distance are Nate's cousin Andy and his wife Stephanie. Stephanie is the one that has the ministry to sick babies and their families ... she's amazing. She had her last baby three weeks after I had Freya and now she's due three weeks after I'm going to have this baby. We think Andy and Nate are in some sort of conspiracy.
Since there wasn't much room at the inn (the farm) we spent the night with Nate's cousin/brother (long story) and his wife. We were up until ridiculously, ridiculously late ... seriously ridiculous but soooo worth it! 

It was a great weekend and even though we missed the girls, it was so fun to get away. It will probably be the last time for a while ... 23 more days!


bethie said...

Suze! You look SO cute!

Christie Wessels said...

I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend! And that you were able to get away from the kids before it becomes impossible again for a while. <3