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I'm a work in progress. I'm a mom to two, soon to be three, awesome kids that have taught me things I didn't know I needed to learn. I'm married to a kind and handsome man that I genuinely love to be with. I like to be around interesting people and enjoy learning from others. I'm quirky, energetic, have a glass that's usually half full (of wine) and am spontaneous when it fits into my plans. My life is much slower than it once was and even though I sometimes miss the old days, I never take these new days for granted. So, I've given up alot of things in order to give more of myself to my family ... and they better appreciate it. I mean, I expect nothing in return for my selfless love.

Monday, October 1, 2012

What? You're pregnant?

Someone bought the cat tape! I think she actually bought it for her cat and not as some kind of white elephant gift. That's one lucky cat ... that won't be lonely anymore.

The garage sale brought in over $600 of cold, hard cash. Woohoo. We're going to spend some of our portion of the profits on our anniversary date!
And probably some Tums. So many Tums ...

The pregnancy-induced depression is back. So annoying. And depressing.

Almost 35 weeks
I get concerned when people act surprised that I'm pregnant


Christie Wessels said...

Hope you can find some time to rest and catch up on sleep. Without feeling guilty about it. Keep your goals simple and minimal. You're pregnant and have two children already. I remember how difficult those days could be. Take care of yourself, and don't expect too much...
I'm asking God to give you joy.

Luniquely Maggie said...

Suze! You're preeegnant???? LOL!