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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The longest day in history

Today was the longest day ...


Not really in a bad way. Here's the short of it .... we have been saving up for a loft bed for Mazie and some living room furniture, etc. We decided not to buy anything until Nate got a job, which he did, an awesome one. Yay, time to buy!

We left for Ikea Tuesday afternoon, shopped for hours and then went to retrieve Mazie's bed only to discover that our measurements were off and the boxes wouldn't fit in our car. We knew that our little Monkey would be SO sad and confused if we came home without a bed. We loaded up everything else that would fit and headed to our hotel. (Nate wanted to have a last, little get away with me before entering back into the work force. What can I say? He really likes me!). My Dad called and said that he would just drive his truck to Ikea on Wednesday morning and help us get the bed home. We offered to just meet him in Merrillville (halfway) in the morning and trade cars ... then drive his truck BACK to Ikea and he could head home in our car. It would save him a lot of driving time.

SO, Tuesday night we (FINALLY) got to our hotel room and then woke up early on Wed to meet my dad. We scarfed down a quick breakfast at the hotel, drove to Merrillville, traded cars with my Dad, drove back to Ikea, finished shopping, drove home. Then we unloaded the truck, drove to my parents' to get our car, drove our car home, unloaded it, put the car seats back in and then went to my parents' to get the girls. THEN we got home and put the loft together only to discover that it didn't fit the way we wanted. BAH. FINE. We rearranged a bit and got the girls in bed (Mazie is in seventh heaven in her "tall bed with a yadder").

Tomorrow we're going to buy a smaller dresser so we can move everything the way we want. The dresser that's in there is actually our landlord's and since we will eventually need to buy our own, we may as well do it now and move the landlord's into storage.

K. We're really tired. We're not even attempting to put together the rest of the furniture. No. No way.

All in all Nate and I had a FANTASTIC adventure together. It was a (tiring) blast and we laughed a lot in our sleep-deprived state. Love that man!!!!

We're both extremely grateful to my parents for babysitting, driving and letting us use their truck. They are so good to us.


Having nothing to do with Ikea or Merrillville ...

and not that anyone cares, but our girls will never wear bikinis while they're living at home (with our knowledge). Or those shorty-shorts!!

Is modesty dead or what?


mfw-a said...

modesty dies a long. long time ago. you didnt get the memo? (bah, bikinis!)

i want more deets on nate's new awesome job!

Luniquely Maggie said...

oh my gosh i have a headache just reading about your Ikea deal! Glad Mazie has a new bunk bed!!

I haven't bought a bikini for luna either. In Europe, everyone goes with only bottoms! we were probably the only ones on the beach with a girl with a swimsuit on....still had a swimsuit on her. I was 13 when I 'sneaked' my first bikini purchase....i'll be shopping with Luna that's for sure!!!! I wear a bikini, but hey, i'm adult so i can choose. For luna, i like the one piece too. I have friends that make their kids wear clothes and richie would never do that!! and i don't think i'm in line with that either. ;) There's not really a black and white. Modesty is close to dead, you are so right! I read a lot of blogs with modesty and wrote a post on modesty itself. Not to condemn anyone but just about my thoughts.... Modesty is for sure rare. But a lot of blogs I've read on modesty i've found happen to be Mormon fashion bloggers, that blog about modesty....can't show their shoulders and stomachs etc, but then they wear really tight tops with big boobs. i don't get it. Modesty I've realized, in some cases, can be really subjective. Bah! Crazy world in which we live!!!

Love your posts...and i love how i get emails now everytime you write one! easy to stay updated!!!


Christie Wessels said...

Awww! Lana says "yadder", too! And I love IKEA. Remember going together when our girls were babies? I have pictures. (=
And what about Nate's new job?? So glad to hear he has one, and that it's GOOD!!