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Monday, January 16, 2012

So, let's talk about the BMV. Shall we? We shall!

Trip #1 - The BMV people told me that they didn't have my married name in the system (I got married in Illinois) and that I would need to bring in a marriage license proving that I have a new last name now. Fine. Ok. No problem.

Trip #2 - The BMV people told me that they didn't have my maiden name in the system either ... that I was listed under my previous married name. (It would have been helpful had they told me that on trip #1) They said I would need a copy of my divorce decree so they could connect my old married name to my maiden name to my current married name. They said the decree was the only thing I needed to bring and that the written test I just took would still be valid. Fine. Ok. No big problem.

Trip #3 - The BMV people told me that I did need to bring in all of the required documentation along with the divorce decree, not just the decree like they lied said. I just sat there and stared at the wall for a few seconds, trying to take it all in. I cleared my throat and I spoke very slowly, "So, you mean I have to come back .... again?" I was very kind and calm, but inside I was really frustrated. Not Fine. Not Ok. Kind of a problem.

In the meantime my licensed expired.

Trip #4 - (My mom drove me. It was circa 1991.) The BMV people told me that I (finally) had all of the needed documents!! I beamed so proudly. I did it. I made it through ... all of those failed visits were leading up to this triumphant moment. I heard choirs singing and a little bird came and sang on my shoulder. All was well! And then. And .... then ..... she said, "Oh, wait. I can't look at your driving record because your license has been suspended." I said, "Oh, come now. You're joking. Right? ........ Riiiight?" Nope. Not a joke. I asked her why it was suspended, but she couldn't tell me. That's correct: The department of driving was unable to tell me why my license had been suspended. I was like, "But, you're the department of driving!" 
She gave me the website to visit in order to see for myself and then I asked her, in a clear, serious voice, "Are you sure I have everything I need here in my folder? (Because I have to bring in so many docs I put it all in a folder) Can you please look again just to make sure that my next trip, trip number five, is a winner?" She went to her supervisor to have her look through my things and came back, sat down slowly and in a very calm and collected voice said, "Um, we also need your original marriage license in order to connect your maiden name to your first married name."
I just broke down crying at that point. Defeated again. A rain cloud hovered over me and I'm pretty sure I heard Taps playing in the distance. She got teary-eyed as well ... probably because I wasn't leaving. I was just sitting at her station like a blubbering mess. I told her that I didn't even know where that license was. She was very nice to me (probably scared I was going to start tearing my clothes and covering myself with ashes) and helped me figure out how I could get a copy of it. I told her that I wasn't frustrated with her personally, but that I was frustrated with the people that should have been telling me everything from the very beginning. And then I told her that I was so sad. Heh. Nutcase, I know. Really not fine or ok and now I have a big problem.

Later that day at home: I got online and found out I could get a copy of my first marriage license from the Las Vegas Circuit Court for a mere $3. That's Vegas, baby.
I also found out that my license has been suspended for six years. Yes, you read that correctly. SIX. YEARS. Apparently I didn't have insurance or at least didn't show proof of it back in 2005 (my guess is that I didn't actually have insurance bc my ex was in charge of that.) and they suspended my license shortly thereafter. I don't understand how I've able to obtain car insurance, new licenses, etc. for all of these years. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Crazy. Now I have to pay a big fine and have our insurance company send a special form to the BMV showing proof of insurance. Oh, and then make a fifth trip to the BMV, my second home.
I mean, only if someone else can drive me there ... Harhar. 

Random pics. Just for fun!

Nate and Freya playing

 Miss Mazie joined the fun

Mazie loves to draw and paint

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Check out my monkey slippahs!
I'm so glad they made it into this shot bc I love them.

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mfw-a said...

i was right there with you, in true social work fashion, saying "yup...yup...no surprise, had that happen to me...had that happen to a client...heard that before...mmm-hmm, connect the names, marriage license, divorce papers, yup...didnt show cop proof of insurance"

yes, i was right there with you, until, until, i got to the part about steve and the lack of insurance to begin with. thats awful, suze! i'm sorry! *sigh

love the beard on nate, though. (i'm partial to bearded men of course...)